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We help you to reach and engage the next-generation citizen

Whether it's paying taxes, applying for permits, or accessing government services, we aim to make it easy for people to get what they need and for governments to serve their citizens effectively. We believe that the power of blockchain and decentralized identity can help us do that, creating a brighter future for all.


We are a first mover in using blockchain technology to address the challenges in the Latin American public sector. 

Our purpose is to radically transform governments by fostering the adoption of decentralized digital identities.

Founded by PhDs in technology and politics, we became a world's top GovTech company, proudly supported by top international organizations.



We make your government services easily accesible through a digital ID.


We have created a platform to help you to digitize all your services in order to enable a frictionless, secure and personalized experience to your citizens.

For your citizens we have created a web 3 wallet so they can port all their official documents and easily access all your services.


Institutional agility and interoperability like never before

One user

A web 3 wallet for your citizens to use as a document holder and digital ID to access your services. Soberana solves most of institutional inefficiencies by putting your citizens at the center.

All your services

A web platform where you can digitize all of your government services, integrate web 3 digital ID for your citizens, and issue and manage blockchain, fraud-proof, easy-to-verify


Web 3 identity is foundational to building digital trust. This means reduced bureaucracy, more secure digital data environments, greater government capacity and an unleashed global digital economy; a new era for identity.

How it works

One user, one place,
one-time documents

Build the future of your government

OS City | Onboarding the unboarded

Ricardo Margain 335,Valle del Campestre, Mexico 66265

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